For Parents

Support Groups

Greater MetroWestABLE has support groups for family members of individuals with disabilities. These groups are designed to help individuals and families deal constructively with the range of challenges they face. The combined expertise of the facilitators and the personal experiences of the participants provide resources, networking, strategies, therapy options, emotional support and community. For additional information, please contact Rebecca Wanatick, Community Inclusion Manager, Greater MetroWest ABLE at (973) 929-3129 or

Moms Support Group

Are you looking for support and guidance, networking with other moms, how to be the best advocate, services and resources available in your community? For more information please Rebecca Wanatick, Community Inclusion Manager, Greater MetroWest ABLE at (973) 929-3129 or

Moms Support Group (PDF)

Sibling Support Groups

Greater MetroWest ABLE offers support groups for siblings of children with special needs who may find it difficult to understand and express their feelings. In our Sibling Support Groups, children have the opportunity to connect with other siblings of children with special needs as well. These support groups allow siblings to express their feelings and thoughts in an open and understanding environment, while forming bonds with other children in similar situations.

Livingston Sibling Group (PDF)
Scotch Plains Sibling Support Group (PDF)

MetroWest Mentors

MetroWest Mentors is a program that matches parents of a child with a disability with “experienced” parents, or mentors, who have been through similar experiences. The mentor parents offer emotional support and information to others on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or receiving supports from one of our mentors, please contact Rebecca Wanatick, Community Inclusion Manager, Greater MetroWest ABLE at (973) 929-3129 or

Long Term Planning

You want to ensure quality care for the lifetime of your loved one, no matter what happens to you. Putting together the benefits, services, and care for your child is an overwhelming responsibility. You need to know that all these pieces will be put together when you are no longer able to do so, and that everything will always be taken care of according to your wishes. With Coordinated Care of MetroWest (CCM), you have the opportunity to develop individualized plan that will provide lifetime advocacy if you become incapacitated or wish to delegate responsibility, or upon your death. This plan will be maintained and carried out under CCM’s supervision. 

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The Continuing the Journey… workshops are designed for family members of individuals with disabilities. These workshops connect family members with service providers to share resources, make connections and allow families to support one another in their efforts to provide for their family member with a disability. 

Special Education — Your Child’s Rights and District’s Obligations Under IDEA and NJ Law
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While You Wait For Residential Services...How do You Maximize the Resources Available?
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Future Planning: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Child's Care
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Building a Team as an Investment in Your Child's Future
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Creative Alternatives to Supervised and Supportive Residential Options
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Navigating the Bureaucracy — How to Get Efficient and Effective Services for Your Family Member with Special Needs
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School to Career Transition Services

Jewish Vocational Service of NJ provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities age 14 through adulthood. Those served include individuals with emotional, physical, neurological, developmental, visual, and hearing disabilities. Specialized services for students with disabilities, including school-based vocational evaluations, are provided in the School to Careers Transition Program. For more information please contact JVS at (973) 674-6330. 

Residential Options

(973) 762-6909
JESPY House is a program for adults with learning and developmental disabilities who demonstrate the ability to live independently and gain competitive employment. Located in South Orange Village, New Jersey, JESPY House provides life skills, social and vocational training, job opportunities, health services and housing options for its clients.

Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD)
(973) 325-1494
JSDD MetroWest provides supports, services, resources, information and referral to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the Greater MetroWest NJ community and beyond. JSDD provides both day and residential programs, including kosher residences.

Materials Available for Loan

The Special Needs Resource Library (established with funds from The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey) has been enhanced with films, books and training materials on the subject of inclusion to be used by synagogue schools and the general community. Members of the community may borrow the resources, utilizing them for training, education and enjoyment.

download a list of some of the newest resources available for loan (PDF)

Learning to Babysit for Children With Special Needs

Are you looking for an occasional babysitter? MetroWest ABLE offers and 6 week course for teens interested in babysitting for children with special needs. The teens learn about child development, strategies for working with children with special needs, and become CPR and First Aid certified. They learn through interactive workshops, videos and parent presentations. The group is facilitated by a social worker with experience working with children with special needs. These teens are looking for opportunities as babysitters and mentors in the community. For more information, or a list of teens who have completed the course, contact Rebecca Wanatick at (973) 929-3129 or

Support Coordination Services

Support Coordination is a complimentary case management service for individuals found eligible through the state of New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities. Compassionate Support Coordinators meet with individuals and their designated support teams to understand their needs, learn about their ambitions, and create tailored plans that will lead to a meaningful life. Support Coordinators assist in accessing day programs, medical supports, employment services, and social and educational opportunities.  Support Coordination strives to promote individual choice and community inclusiveness. JFS of MetroWest is a State of NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities approved Support Coordination Agency. 

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