Local Resources

There are many local resources available to help families and educators begin to understand how they can provide necessary services to individuals with special needs. Jewish organizations locally can help address questions and can often provide services that you may be seeking.

Greater MetroWest ABLE has been dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness. As a vigilant advocate for our Jewish community ABLE stands on the front lines advocating for a day where no individual or family will struggle alone. Greater MetroWest ABLE, in partnership with Jewish Family Service of MetroWest NJ and the Eric Eliezer Levenson Foundation for Hope, has compiled a brand-new Mental Health Resource Guide with information, guidance, and resources to help navigate the services available to those in our community.

Inclusive Language Guide - Language is powerful. This guide is a tool to use in our Jewish communities to help demonstrate respectful and welcoming language.

Greater MetroWest Resources & Services

Local resources and services compiled by Greater MetroWest ABLE, a network of community leaders and professionals who support and advocate for individuals with special needs and their families.  For more information about these resources please contact Rebecca Wanatick at (973) 929-3129 or rwanatick@jfedgmw.org

Greater MetroWest Resources & Services (PDF)

ABLE-Awarded Congregations

Greater MetroWest ABLE is in the process of recognizing congregations that meet specific criteria to become ABLE Awarded. Greater MetroWest ABLE has created a self-assessment tool to be used by synagogues to gauge their level of accessibility and plan for further enhancements. Congregations that embark on this process can achieve special recognition from the Greater MetroWest community as an ABLE AWARDED synagogue.  

How Inclusive are We? (PDF)
Congregational Inclusion Chart (PDF)

ABLE-Awarded Agencies

Inclusion is very important at Greater MetroWest ABLE.  Greater MetroWest ABLE has made it a point to recognize agencies that meet certain criteria in order for them to become ABLE Awarded. A self-assessment tool has been created for agencies to use as a guide in creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for individuals.

Self-Assessment Tool (PDF)

Shabbat Shelem Resources

Shabbat Shalem, a Shabbat that is "whole and complete," brings together Greater MetroWest synagogues in recognition of the importance of including individuals with disabilities and their families in every aspect of Jewish life. Shabbat Shalem is one way in which our congregations can shed light on the importance of inclusion and raise the level of awareness of services within the Jewish community.

Suggested Programming Ideas (PDF)

ASL/CART Subsidy Information

Greater MetroWest ABLE has funds available to subsidize the costs of a sign language interpreter/CART for your Jewish community program. If you are planning a program and would like to have a sign language interpreter/CART to better meet the needs of the greater community, please contact Rebecca Wanatick, Community Inclusion Manager at rwanatick@jfedgmw.org or (973) 929-3129. There are several resources available to identify local interpreters/CART providers and would be able to assist in funding the effort.

Materials Available for Loan

Through a grant from The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, Greater MetroWest ABLE has been able to make the following items available to be shared throughout our Greater MetroWest community. If you would like to borrow one of the items, please contact Rebecca Wanatick, Community Inclusion Manager for Greater MetroWest ABLE at (973) 929-3129 or rwanatick@jfedgmw.org 

Resources Available (PDF)

Greater MetroWest Congregational Inclusion Chart

Congregations across Greater MetroWest provide accommodations for members of the community with disabilities. By creating accessible facilities and programming, congregations afford opportunities for individuals and their families to fully participate in Jewish life in Greater MetroWest. For more information on the accommodations provided in specific Greater MetroWest congregations, please click here.